Maserati Zanotta Furniture Collection Fails to Hit Throttle

If you have more money than you know what to do with, why not throw down on some seriously muted and overpriced furniture? The Maserati Zanotta furniture collection would be a letdown to come home to even after spending a day on the feet at work.

Maserati Zanotta furniture

The Maserati Zanotta furniture collection features three unique pieces intended to tie the living space to the monster lurking in the garage. 

The Maserati Zanotta collection made its debut in Milan–which may have been its only tasteful decision. Named the Maserati Zanotta Capsule Collection, it is the end result of a collaboration between luxury carmaker Maserati and Zanotta.

Maserati Zanotta furniture

Perhaps the Maestrale table would be more appealing if it were made of carbon fiber, steel and awesomeness. It is not ugly by any means, it is simply plain. 

The Capsule Collection features the Grandtour Lounge Chair with footrest, the Corina chair and the Maestrale table. Looking at the collection with no prior information about the designers or inspirations would likely draw blank reports from spectators. Could you tell by looking that this is a set of Maserati furniture?

Maserati Zanotta furniture

The designers for the Maserati Zanotta Capsule collection were inspired by the cars, but that inspiration barely translates via plain and muted pieces that have no visual Maserati styling cues to speak of. While some articles claim that the pieces “Share the aesthetic DNA” with the Maserati cars…I simply cannot see it. This is certainly not the first time a leading luxury carmaker has joined forces with a furniture design team to craft a line for the home. Homes are, after all, just a part of the garage to the devoted gearhead and the theme can continue from the garage into the home seamlessly if done correctly.

Maserati Zanotta furniture

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