Maybach Mercy Killing

On the heels of a decade of decline sales, Daimler has determined that the death of the Maybach is imminent. The decision to disband the Maybach brand points to a decade of declining sales and a new focus, of course, on the future of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

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Neither the Maybach 57 nor the 62 could claim much traction in global sales over the years, though they are highly revered in Germany. Back in 2002, projected sales for both versions were upward of 800 annually, a goal that the brand swerved short of.


The hype back in 2002 stemmed from the failure of Mercedes-Benz to acquire rival Rolls Royce, leaving them to focus on amping up restructuring efforts for the Maybach brand. A 2011 proposal to involve Aston Martin in the development of newer Maybach models was ultimately abandoned. So now the plug is being pulled on poor Maybach, though I am certain a few special edition models will emerge from the wreckage.

Jay Z & Beyonce exit a Maybach

Jay Z & Beyonce exit a Maybach


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