Serious Restraint: McLaren F1 with Zero Miles on Odometer?

A very interesting story has emerged in Japan regarding a rare McLaren F1 supercar. The McLaren F1 is every exotic car collector’s dream, even Jay Leno owns one, and this one has apparently never been driven!

McLaren F1

More Money than Sense? Owner Never Drove McLaren F1

As you may guess, the McLaren does not exactly have zero miles on its precious odometer, as it has been driven sparingly and only for the purpose of regular maintenance. Estimates place the mileage at around 186. Word is that the owner refused to personally drive it–and that the miles on it were enjoyed by the McLaren mechanics assigned to maintain the car.

McLaren F1

There are only 106 McLaren F1 cars around the world, and this is one of just two original yellows from the factory. Because of the limited number of units created and the overall popularity, a typical McLaren can fetch upwards of $5 million at auction. A special racing version nabbed $3.8 million just last year.

McLaren F1

Rare McLaren F1 fun facts:

  • Engine spec
  • 618 horses
  • Never driven,
  • Never registered
  • Official documents stored in climate-controlled storage with the vehicle since time of purchase
  • No expense has been spared to store and maintain the vehicle

McLaren F1

Only 106 McLaren supercars were produced  

We cannot fathom the restraint required to own such a rare slice of automotive history and never once grip the wheel and feel the throbbing forward thrust of the engine. While most exotic sports car collectors drive their cars sparingly, there are subsets of owners who value preservation over an innate need for speed. While we would like to say we admire their perseverance, it would seem that the mileage saved on this car adds about as much value as tossing in a free car wash and set of wiper blades.

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