McLaren P13 Fleet to be a Triple Threat

Talk of the McLaren P13 has been circulating for some time, and now more solid details have been made available. Not only will the McLaren P13 be available in both coupe and convertible versions, there will also be a meaty GT in the fleet, making it an effective triple threat.

McLaren P13

The McLaren P13 is geared to be the baby of the family, joining the P1, 12C and 650S. The P13 GT is where the lineup is rumored to get weird: it may be a strange mid-engined concoction with a trunk. Word is that a specially designed airflow system will cleverly prevent items stowed in the rear from being charred by the throbbing engine.

McLaren P13Other leaks on the McLaren P13 GT include the following:

  • A convex rear window.
  • Should remain similar in power to the other siblings in the fleet, give or take a few horses. The same carbon components and turbocharged V8. The P13 will hang at the lower sector of the power arena.
  • Best guesses place the P13 at around 450-470 horsepower.
  • Gearbox could be a dual-clutch.
  • Power will be delivered to the rear.
  • Carbon fiber tub and mid-mounted V8 engine.
  • Aesthetically similar to the Jaguar E-Type.

It will be interesting to see where McLaren positions the P13 tripod. Will they be a direct threat to the fierce and modestly priced Audi R8 sports cars? Pricing could be in the $130,000 range or higher, depending on the version. Expect the P13 spider and GT models to cost a bit more than the coupe.

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