Meet the 2014 Range Rovers: Coming Soon

Land Rover fans can get supercharged for the upcoming release of two new models at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. The models are a new long-wheelbase Range Rover and the Range Rover Autobiography Black. The show runs November 22nd-December 1st, when all the official details will emerge, but here is a bit of a tantalizing preview of the 2014 Range Rovers. 2014 Range Rovers

The 2014 Range Rover Long-Wheelbase at a glance:

  • This Rover will offer 8 more inches of wheelbase. Luxury SUV lovers will agree that size certainly matters.
  • That added wheelbase leads to 5.5 inches more of legroom for passengers to stretch out and enjoy the ride. It also means that back seating can recline 17 degrees, 8 more than the standard Range Rover. This is ideal for longer road trips where comfortable rest is preferred.
  • Seating configuration options include a 3-across rear bench or 2 separate back seats with a convenience console.
  • While the wheelbase is longer, the SUV retains the iconic Range Rover look from all angles.
  • Amenities include an awesome panoramic sunroof and power door blinds for ultimate privacy.
  • It could be supercharged, though engine specs are being guarded until the show. Though, details are known to slip early!

2014 Range Rovers

The 2014 Range Rover Autobiography Black at a glance:

  • This new model will also feature the same extended wheelbase. You could think of it as the premium version.
  • Just 100 units will be made available to the U.S. market for the first year.
  • Key differences between the Autobiography Black and the standard long-wheelbase model are in the lavish details and, of course, pricing.
  • People will recognize this model by the cool black front grille and unique side vents, black enamel and chrome detailing.
  • New rear tail lighting and chrome accents.
  • The first 25 created will boast an exclusive Valloire White pearlescent finish.
  • All of this will be perched on 7-spoke, 21-inch allow wheels.

2014 Range Rovers

More to come when the LA Auto Show rolls out this month!


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