Meet The World’s Second Largest Yacht

The second largest yacht in the world goes by the name “Dubai”, which is fitting, as it is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who happens to be the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.  This luxury mega yacht stretches to an incredible 557 feet, and took an outlandish 10 years to build!

Mega yacht Dubai was built by German construction company Blohm & Voss and finished by Lurssen Company.  I wonder if Blohm & Voss dropped the ball, or if after 10 years they forgot what they were doing.

This mega yacht sets itself apart with a distinguished interior that is exclusive and luxurious, displaying the talents of French product designer PhiliMega Yacht Dubai $300 Millionppe Starck.  Well, big names go along with big money and apparently big yachts!  It features an oversized lounge that can comfortably accommodate around 80 people, mosaic flooring and palm-influenced columns to create an oasis appeal.

On the main deck of yacht Dubai is a lavish pool sparkling in the sun, complete with a waterfall running out to the down-level docks.  There is a SPA-salon and a world-class gym, because you don’t want to be looking rough at sea!

As far as accommodations, this luxury yacht boasts 5 VIP apartments and 6 guest cabins.  Miss the departure?  No worries, there is a helicopter pad and a submarine, so just grab a private helicopter charter and get the coordinates! 

So how much to own something as luxurious as the Dubai super yacht?  That will just be $300 million USD please, and I do not mean Monopoly money!


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