Mel Gibson Trades Maserati for a Smart Car

Mel Gibson has created a stir in Malibu, rolling up in a smart car rather than his usual Maserati!  Downsizing, Mel?  This was a decidedly more positive stir than Mel’s exotic car crash last year in his Maserati, which made him a lethal weapon to women and luxury cars!

Mel Gibson Maserati Crash

Mel Gibson Maserati crash

Mel Gibson Maserati Crash

The site of Mel Gibson’s luxury car crash…he was lucky, indeed!

Luxury hybrids are all the rage in California, and the cause of much rage at the same time!  I shall explain.

If you live in California, you pretty much have to have a car to get around.  If you happen to have a smart car, you then have the chance to obtain one of a set amount of stickers, allowing you to drive solo in the HOV (commuter) lanes.  These lanes are reserved for carpoolers with two or more occupants, and can slice the dreaded commute times in half, which is priceless in Cali’s dead-lock traffic. 

California carpool sticker

California hybrid car carpool lane access sticker (the ones that are expiring now)
But, new laws take effect Jan. 1st, issuing the 40,000 coveted stickers to ‘partial zero emissions’ vehicles only…so Mel may have been a bit late to buy his time!

Mel Gibson Smart Car

Mel’s teeny new hybrid car

The tiny two-seater smart car is considered an interesting choice for Mel, who is worth an estimated $800 million dollars, owns three Malibu homes, and island in Fiji and a ranch in Costa Rica.  However, Gibson appears delighted with his new toy, and it is better for the environment!

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