Mercedes-Benz Aims to Boost AMG Car Sales

Mercedes is looking to boost sales for the sleek AMG series—some of the best high-performance, radically fun-to-drive cars on earth. While they certainly sell themselves, and our AMG gullwing rental is insanely popular, a bit of hot press never hurt the cause!

Mercedes Gullwing rental at track

Our Mercedes AMG gullwing showing off at an Imagine Lifestyles track event

The marquee is hoping to increase sales of the AMG line by a staggering 50% over the next 5 years by expanding and competing head-on with rivals BMW and Audi. Hey, why make a simple attainable goal when you can really reach for the sky?

Audi Vs BMW

The competition between Mercedes rivals Audi and BMW has spilled onto billboards around the world, provoking laughter and increasing brand recognition

Audi Vs. BMW

Mercedes AMG head Ola Kaellenius sums up the inspiring goal: “Our target is to reach significantly more than 30,000 unit sales per year.” When you add increased power, a variety of customizable features and humor to an already luscious vehicle, defeat seems out of the question.

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