Mercedes-Benz Concept Described as a “Land Yacht”

This September Mercedes-Benz will be unveiling its latest luxury concept car, the Viano Vision Pearl. Described as a “Land Yacht”, this Mercedes-Benz concept car is determined to dazzle, and to take travel back to a time when it was an integral part of a vacation, rather than just the destination!

Mercedes concept van

Mercedes-Benz concept van

Inspired by modern luxury yachts, the Mercedes Viano’s theme is of travel as a luxury experience. This is a fresh approach to travel, in my humble opinion, as it has become an area of stress rather than the experience it was intended! The Viano is an attempt to recapture a time when travel itself was quite an experience.


According to Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz vans,
"We want to show what can be done with the Viano. The Viano Vision Pearl is not merely a functional van, but also a stylishly designed living space. We have created a vehicle which combines generous spaciousness with an impressive design. Anybody who attaches importance to stress-free and at the same time stylish travel will find that the Viano Vision Pearl is the ideal companion. The interior design and technical features make the Viano Vision Pearl the S-Class among vans."

Mercedes concept van

Mercedes concept van interior rendering

The exterior maintains a distinctive van appearance, but the pretty Mercedes emblem on the front makes it acceptable (it is also a bit sporty). Inside, the Viano is an upscale living space, created for superior comfort en route. The furnishings are all white leather and there is hardwood flooring, brushed aluminum trim completes the modern décor.

This luxury concept car boasts W-LAN connectivity for the complete mobile travel experience. While it remains unclear if this Mercedes land yacht will ever see production, it should come with a free yacht charter Miami if it does!




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