Mercedes-Benz Expands to Yachts, Helicopters

You will not see a luxury helicopter like the EC145 parked alongside an available E-Class at your local dealer (conceal your disappointment), but you should be aware that luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz is expanding its talents into other arenas.  These arenas include luxury yacht and luxury helicopter interior designs.

While we previously covered the EC145 helicopter, which includes luxe interior designs and features from Mercedes, we want our readers to know that the plans of the carmaker also include yachts and more!  Yes, some of the talented designers from the Mercedes styling studios have expanded into a number of non-automotive endeavors, enhancing helicopters and even yachts.

For example, aside from the EC145 helicopter, Mercedes assisted in designing the interior of an AMG-branded Cigarette racing boat back in February.  Daimler also intends to enter the lavish world of yacht interiors at full speed.  Watch out, Louis Vuitton!

Similar to BMW’s Designworks studio, Mercedes-Benz stylings are available for hire by outside sources, making all of this awesomeness possible.  The specialized design team at Mercedes-Benz is comprised of 400 employees from 20 different countries, and plans to expand.

I am giving this land, air and sea interior design endeavor by Mercedes two enthusiastic thumbs up and looking forward to more of their trendsetting bravado!

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