100 Beastly Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 Units Have Sold—Production Ends

The creative Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 rolled onto the scene back in 2013 on her 6 wheels. The typical rumor topics swirled, including pricing, specs and number of units. Against all odds, 100 units of the G63 6×6 have sold in just two years…at $400,000+ each!

Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6

Initially, Mercedes-Benz approached the idea with supreme caution, creating just two units and gauging customer demand. That demand ended up being quite large for the interesting vehicle, with orders pouring in regardless of the high price tag. It seems that vehicles with a distinct sense of style and personality tend to attract and maintain a steady fanbase: Think Land Rover, Jeep and now the Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6. So why in the world is the brand pulling the plug on the model after unloading 100 units? It could just be a case of quitting while ahead. It is not clear if Mercedes-Benz will accept special orders for the 6×6 at anytime down the road.

Reviewing the Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6:

  • She boasts a lively personality perched on 6 wheels rather than the standard 4. To make that more impressive, the wheels are 37-inches.
  • 5 differential locks
  • Power is derived from a twin-turbo 5.5-liter V8
  • 536 bhp
  • The military version gets a 3-liter V6 diesel variant

Mercedes-Benz G63 6x6

The shortest Mercedes-Benz production run ever? Meet the G63 6×6!

For those still hoping to see more tough off-roaders from the brand, it has been reported that Mercedes-Benz will be open to producing the recently revealed G500 4×4. Some say the G500 4×4 is but a smaller version of the G63 6×6 drama queen. It will be interesting to see which direction the carmaker takes with the concepts in the future, as they have a well-rounded fleet of offerings on the market currently.

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