Mercedes-Benz A-Class Gets an A+ in Tech Class

Mercedes-Benz is an Apple fan of epic proportions, and is making Apple the core (pun intended) of the A-Class infotainment system! This will occur in future Mercedes A-Class models, which will integrate Apple’s Siri voice-assisted technology. A special application will also translate an iPhone’s screen onto the in-car display, allowing drivers to control radio stations, update social media statuses like Facebook and Twitter and much more. Yes, the end of the world has arrived…we can now receive real-time updates on things like potholes, road-rage and "how long is this traffic light?"….sigh.

Mercedes and Apple

While our fleet of exotic rental cars are equipped with all the latest technology, this move by Mercedes is definitely bold!

A-Class drivers will soon be able to use Siri’s natural language voice commands to access approved iPhone features and apps (note: approved). Note: Siri is exclusive to the iPhone 4S, so this would mark the first time Apple allowed the technology to be used in conjunction with other hardware. What would Steve Jobs think of this move?

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes A-Class

This opens the roadway for drivers to enjoy a more futuristic and experience-based ride, with current technology at their fingertips. The technology will be offered for the full range of city cars, and first drivers will need to install the Drive Kit Plus app on their iPhones…I cannot help but picture KITT from Knight Rider here…



How Siri will work with Mercedes:
•    Drivers use natural speech input to control features like messaging, music controls, making appointments, obtaining directions, accessing weather forecasts and more
•    A separate Digital DriveStyle app gives drivers access to personalized radio stations, navigation and internet-based real-time traffic updates.
•    Also: points of interest, 3D map display by Garmin and a car-finder feature for those proud “Dude where’s my car” moments.

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes may be the Apple of many eyes

Mercedes A-Class

I will admit, not even awesome Apple technology makes this design ap-peel to me

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