Mercedes-Benz SL Class: Lead-Footed Luxury

Note to would-be buyers of the Mercedes-Benz SL Class convertibles: Be prepared for speeding fines!  Seriously!

According to a new study by Verisek Analytics Inc, people driving one of these luxe babies are more likely to get a traffic ticket and are cited four times as often as the average U.S. motorist.  This is quite a statistic, and it is always interesting to research how ticketing practices for drivers of standard cars and drivers of luxury cars differ. 

In fact, 3 models of the Mercedes line are among the top ten most ticketed per mile driven.  The NJ-based agency that put out the study compiles data for the insurance industry, and analyzed record for a 12-month period from February 2009 to February 2010. I for one can certainly understand the urge to press the pedal and my luck behind the wheel of an exotic or luxury car rental, like our fleet of Mercedes-Benz rentals Miami from Imagine Lifestyles.
 Mercedes Benz Gets Most Tickets

Is it perhaps a pinch of police jealousy? Or could it simply be that driving a badass fast luxury car makes people want to enhance the driving experience with a bit of speed?  The Mercedes models on the list tend to have younger drivers at the wheel, which could explain the "need for speed." 

Oddly, drivers of the less sporty Toyota Camry and the Scion tC came in second and third on the list of violation rates.  SUV’s and vans tended to be among the least-ticketed. The Buick SUV called "The Rainier" had the lowest rate of citations.

Mercedes apparently makes few apologies for the speedy SL-Class, saying in its brochure that vehicles in that class are "born to win races”.


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