Mercedes-Benz Revolutionizes Braking: Pre-Safe System

Mercedes-Benz is known for ingenuity in engineering. The latest testament to their abilities is the Pre-Safe braking system. This system is the first step in a semi-autonomous braking system, wherein the vehicle can sense obstacles and apply the brakes should the driver be distracted! The video clip below briefly outlines the capabilities of the system with helpful visual aid. This technology seems like it should be a requirement for our exotic rental car fleet.

What Mercedes Pre-Safe braking system offers:

  • The braking system intervenes if the driver fails to brake when it detects an obstacle or object
  • Automatic partial braking is applied prior to collisions. This is helpful in preventing those pesky rear-end collisions (Obsessive texters–we are looking at you).
  • Pre-Safe can possibly reduce the severity of accidents where collision is unavoidable
  • PRE-SAFE® occupant protection automatically activated on partial braking

Mercedes Pre-Safe braking system

The Pre-safe system aims to avert auto accidents as often as possible. When fractions of a second can mean life and death, this system works to reduce human error.

How it works:

The system features two near-range radar sensors located just behind the front bumper and a long-distance radar in the grille. The radar sensors record real-time traffic situations and monitor for dangers. The near range radar senses a range of 30 meters at an 80-degree angle, while the long-range radar reads 150 meters away.

The information gleaned from the sensors is fed to a computer where it is then assessed and spooned to the driver. Example: If the Mercedes S-Class is getting to close to the car in front of it, a warning light will inform the driver. If the vehicle in front brakes suddenly, an additional sound alerts the driver of a possible collision. The system automatically determines the required brake pressure to prevent collision, and should the driver fail to brake, it will brake automatically. This sounds far more palatable than the dreaded back-seat driver.

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