The Miami Art Basel Brings the Bling

The Miami Art Basel has enriched and enhanced since 2001, transforming South Florida into a cultural mecca of unmatched art, design, entertainment, excitement and raw creation. The annual four-day contemporary art exhibition has remained largely unchanged since its launch, drawing art collectors, luxury brands and celebrities from every corner of the world to Miami!

Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach

When the Art Basel draws near, an explosion of concurrent corporate events, satellite art fairs, lavish parties and  an increased flow of exotic rental cars Miami hit the city.  There is an electric vibe in the air and every inch of Miami seems even more exotic, from fashion choices to menu offerings.

Brad Pitt at Miami Beach Art Basel

Brad Pitt at Miami Beach Art Basel, where he dropped about $1 million in 2008!

The Art Basel generates much more than revenue, it instills a sense of Miami’s presence on the world stage as a destination of luxury and lifestyle.

According to George Neary, VP of cultural tourism for the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau,

“The way people look at Miami today has changed dramatically due to Art Basel. It has given people the sense that Miami is on the world stage. Now we have five-star hotels that we didn’t have. We have people moving here from all over the world. It’s really had a long-term effect on the community.”

That is quite an impressive accomplishment for just one event!

Miami Beach Art Basel

A combination of brand promotion and artistic flair has worked for the Art Basel.  Sponsors like Bulgari and Cartier invest in the jewelry category of the Art Basel.  In 2008, Cartier erected a 4,000 square-foot, 4-story Cartier Dome at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens to house David Lynch’s “Diamonds, Gold and Dreams” film installation alongside their sparkly offerings.

Miami Beach Art Basel

Pieces of the Miami Art Basel turn up all over town!

Pam Anderson Miami Art Basel

Celebrities turn up all over town, too…like Pam Anderson, spotted at the Miami Art Basel

In 2009, EventStar created a 45,000 square-foot pavilion right on the beach for Audi, showcasing art from the Rubell Family Collection and designer Tom Dixon, along with the South Florida debut of the fabulous Audi A8.

Miami Beach Art Basel

There is so much to experience at Miami Beach Art Basel

This year’s Miami Beach Art Basel is scheduled for December 1-4th, 2011.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles to secure your luxury property rental and exotic car rental Miami before options begin to disappear!

 Miami Beach Art Basel

Miami Beach Art Basel




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