Miami’s Grand Piano Mystery Gets its Burn Notice

Grand Piano Miami Bay

The headline stealing saga of Miami’s baby grand piano in the middle of Biscayne Bay has reportedly been unraveled, debunking the plethora of false claims swirling to its mysterious origin.  Apparently, the story of the grand piano that has become the new set of Florida Keys began as a movie prop.  Let’s hope this is never the fate of one of our exotic rental cars Miami, which make great film props!



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After starring in a forgettable film no one seems to remember, the baby grand piano ended up in the garage of ‘Burn Notice’ production designer J. Mark Harrington’s grandmother.  How sweet.  This is where the story gets err…hot. 

Sixteen-year-old Nicolas Harrington had what most teens get on occasion, a dumbass idea to impress others.  Nicholas made the executive decision to use the grand piano , some bagpipes and a small submersible submarine to make an ‘epic’ music video…I am picturing an ill-fated “Toad the Wet Sprocket” type disaster.

The music video with the piano was never to be, however, as the piano was taken to the bay and charred at the drunken chants of a large New Year’s gathering on the property.  Yeah, because that is what everyone wants to do to ring in a new year…ignite a grand piano in the water….must have been a lame party if that was exciting.

Miami Bay

Views from the bay

Amazingly, this baby grand piano poised on a tiny Miami Bay sandbar has achieved worldwide fame, with photos of its fire and sun charred frame gracing the pages of National Geographic, and curious bloggers spreading the news virally.  And with every big story, there is always a big liar attempting to claim the fame, like independent filmmaker Billy Yeager, who called the Associated Press attempting to claim credit, telling journalists that he and his wife had used it to film some “Jesus of Malibu” rubbish.  This shinning fool even went as far as to claim that the wannabe filmmaking duo had left pianos in five other locations around the world…some people are so desperate. 

Grand Piano Miami Bay

It is unclear what will become of the grand piano, though the grand mystery seems to have been exposed.  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino stated that the agency is not responsible for moving such items and the U.S. Coast Guard isn’t likely to involve itself unless it becomes a hazard to navigation.  So it appears that the new Florida Keys will remain unless they become a danger to wildlife or boaters!  

As for Jorge Pino’s statement, it reminds me of a humorous photo I found online about incredibly lazy people, titled “Not in my job description"…see photos below and try not to crack a grin!

Not in my job description

Not in my job description…

Not in my job description

**Update:  The culprits were given 24 hours to remove the piano from the sandbar, and locals expressed sadness on the news at its departure.




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