Miley Cyrus Splurges on $127,000 Mercedes-Benz!

Young starlet Miley Cyrus is certainly doing well in the financial realm, recently throwing down for a 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL550 to the tune of $127,000 USD. I assume for that price there are a few custom enhancements and perhaps a personal chauffeur. The Encino dealership was likely thrilled to see Cyrus arrive that day! Hey Miley, for that price, you could have enjoyed our arsenal of exotic rental cars in New York, LA, Miami or Chicago– changing it up as often as you alter your wardrobe!

Miley Cyrus cars

Cyrus is known for her hyperactive antics, and it seems that she has no intention to slow down anytime soon, seeing as how the SL550 can demolish the 0-60 marker in 5.3 seconds! Smiley Miley’s net worth is approximately $120 million, not including her Achy-Breaky daddy’s wads of dough!

Miley Cyrus Mercedes

Of course, Cyrus paid for the Mercedes in full at the dealership

Miley Cyrus Porsche

If you are wondering what has become of her Porsche Cayenne, not to worry—her bodyguard was seen driving it back to her house after the S550 purchase.

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