When in Rome: Police Remove Modified Maserati Watercraft

The old saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ should be carefully interpreted for those looking at the unfortunate chap in the photo below! The man has reportedly been warned several times by police officials to remove his modified Maserati watercraft because it is not safe. I use the term modified lightly–as you will understand upon viewing the short clip below. Clearly the dude-friend-guy did not understand that turning a vintage Maserati car into an unauthorized personal watercraft poses danger.

modified Maserati watercraftNo big deal, just a random modified Maserati watercraft making waves around the interwebs. Cue Easy E lyrics…

The man has only been identified as a 40-year-old Italian. If he has a dating profile online, it likely states: Interests include turning awesome cars into terrifying watercrafts and cruising from La Spezia to Venice. The sports car was fitted with the needed materials to float and then strapped with an outboard motor. In his best efforts to look dapper, the Maserati watercraft driver stands proud on the hood—so that there would be no mistaking the identity of the cool guy behind the wheel. It appears that he has zero control over the direction the craft travels or the speed.

The journey began in La Spezia but Police yelled timber in Timber, stopping the craft before it could reach its desired destination in Venice. The man was left to contemplate his life decisions with a warning rather than an arrest. This is not the first exotic car boat story– remember the exotic gondolas in Venice that are operating legit to offer consumers the luxury car experience on the water? Perhaps this poor chap was en route to offer them a vintage fleet…and the world a healthy dose of amusement.

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