More on the Upcoming Bentley SUV

There seemed to be a lull in the market for luxury SUVs during the economic crisis that still maintains a grip on many global markets. That slightly blank canvas, however, is now being filled with fresh tracks as carmakers begin anew with fresh luxury SUV models. Such is the case with the new Bentley SUV, which will compete directly with the also-new Maserati SUV and others.

Bentley SUV

A dramatic shift in attitudes toward the SUV has occurred because of two main reasons: people still crave the space offered only in SUV form and because the fuel economy figures have improved substantially. In order to accommodate the needs of a greater clientele base, Bentley will create an SUV that it expects to account for a full third of the 3-4,000 annual sales.

Bentley SUV The lavish cabin

The Bentley SUV is slated to roll out in 2016, a scant 2.5 years away. While many components may change prior to the unveil, the overall effect seems to be somewhat of a pre-success. It will emerge on a higher price scale than the Range Rover, with a flashy MSRP of around $200,000. That is on par with an exotic car like a standard Ferrari or Lamborghini model, though not quite as painful as a fully-loaded Bentley cruiser. And by standard Ferrari or Lambo I mean not the LaFerrari or Veneno.

Bentley SUV

The reason that Bentley is directly targeting Range Rover with its new offering is easy—30% of Bentley owners also have a Range Rover SUV. This clearly indicates that while brand loyalists love the cars, they also have a need for an SUV on the side. Will they be apt to purchase a Bentley SUV from now on? The brand seems to be betting on just that, which seems legit.

Bentley SUV

In order to compete with powerful Land Rover brand, the Bentley SUV will offer four, five or seven seats and pack similar off-roading capabilities. Not that anyone in their right mind would take a Bentley off of the road…but it will happen. And we will be watching it on YouTube when it does.


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