Most Expensive: A $1.5 Million Dollar Bed

How do I feel about a $1.5 million dollar bed?  Hmm…let me sleep on it.  Well it seems that is exactly what Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (try saying that 3 times fast) has designed and engineered- a luxury bed that floats in mid air.  Yes, this hovercraft type bed is certainly a space saver; air mattresses watch out, your time is limited!
1.5 Million Dollar Floating Bed
So at this point I am wondering who his target market is.  Who would want to sleep in a bed suspended in the air?  I for one would like to try it, yet what happens when you get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and end up in the emergency room?  I guess that depends on how high you set your hovercraft specifications.  This makes the car bed in “Grandma’s Boy” look seriously weak!

The bed is comprised of a magnet, leaving the worrywarts out there (myself included) to wonder about the health aspect of being magnetized for about 6-8 hours every night.  So what keeps it from floating away Janjaap?  I mean, is it safe to sleep with my window open, if I were able to come up with the $1.5 million?

Also, what would be appropriate bedding for this floating dream?  I feel like no designer sheets would be worthy of its awesomeness.  Perhaps it should come with signature sheets and bedding…and a staircase.  What is next, a floating car?  Actually, they do look pretty amazing in movies.  A floating luxury rental car Miami style to drive home to my airbed, that is the world I want to one day live in.


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