The Most Expensive: $486,616 MacBook Air Platinum

You most certainly read that right- there is a MacBook Air in existence that will set you back an astounding $486,616 USD.  While some expletives come to mind at this, keep in mind that it weighs 15.4 pounds and is made of platinum!  This is one heavy apple.

But wait, isn’t the technological trend with regards to laptops a constant competition to make them lighter?  Who in the world wants to tote around a laptop the size of a small dog?  On top of that, that person would not only have an arm ache, but also constantly be on the verge of an anxiety attack worrying about it being stolen! 

Yes, there are quite a few very nice homes available on today’s real estate market for that price tag.  One could also purchase two Ferraris, Lamborghinis, or a handful of other luxury rental cars for that amount.  But I suppose someone just wants to spill the contents of their wallet into a laptop that is not really that cool, and OH YEAH, is heavy as hell!

MacBook Air Platinum I suppose the marketing team has focused on the “exclusive” angle, as just 5 units will be produced.  Unless it is Bill Gates purchasing it (ha!), I want to personally throttle whoever buys one.  On the other hand, if you just have so much money you cannot possibly decide what to buy next, go for it; just make sure to donate heavily to a charity to save face.  Maybe I am just jealous.  Maybe.

And you can lug your MacBook Air Platinum model to every coffee shop you see, and make fun of the regular MacBook Air users you see.  That is a joke, I do not advise you actually do that. 

Overall, it is excessive but interesting to read about, as are all things opulent and expensive!  For more on The Most Expensive follow link, and don’t miss out on our fleet of luxury car rentals Miami style!




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