Unlock Hearts with the Most Expensive Car Key

This luxury watch doubles as the most expensive car key on the planet. Now owners of the Aston Martin DBS and Rapide can fashionably unlock their vehicles directly from their wristwatch. Designer Jaeger-LeCoultre’s watch conveniently houses the AMVOX2 DBS and Rapide transponders.

most expensive car key

Owners of the Aston Martin DBS and the Aston Martin Rapide can purchase this $34,000 watch that doubles as a key. 

At the bargain price of approximately $34,000, this could be the most expensive car key in the world. The innovative technology could solve the problem of losing keys, if you look good in a man’s watch, that is. The AMVOX2 transponders on the watch both lock and unlock the Aston Martin Rapide and the DBS. It also has a flashy function to help locate the car in a parking lot: pressing open and close at the same time will cause the headlights to flash momentarily, allowing drivers to find their car.

most expensive car keyThis watch is quite the gadget, ideal for the James Bond car. With the Rapide and DBS Aston Martin models going for around the $200,000+ mark, $34,000 seems like a bargain to shell out for the convenience and bragging rights of a watch key.

More shockingly expensive watches include the following, which make the car key look reasonable:

  • Rolex Submariner–$234,000
  • Split Seconds Patek Philippe Reference 1436 by Tiffany & Co.–$214,000
  • Ulysse Nardin Triplejack Minute Repeater–$340,000
  • Jaeger-Lecoultre Gyrotourbillion 1–$400,000
  • Richard Mille Tourbillion–$525,000
  • AP Royal Oak Grande Complication–$560,000
  • Patek Philippe Ref 5016P–$762,000
  • Vacheron Tour De L’ile–$1,250,000

most expensive car key

The days of hand held automobile keys may be coming to an end sooner than we thought. With fingerprints, keypad codes and now watches, we may never have to worry about losing the keys again! Though, that was a nifty excuse for being late. 

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