The Most Expensive: Hampton’s House Rents for $35,000 Per Day

Ahh the Hamptons, synonymous with the rich, the famous, and well, money.  Nothing is too extravagant for those who can afford the finer things in life, like having a “house in the Hampton’s”, such as the house that was recently rented to an anonymous family for two weeks, at $500,000.  That is $35,000 per day for two weHamptons Property Rents for $500,000eks.  Gulp.

This could be the record for the most expensive rental in the history of the area. If this is not the most expensive rental, I want to know what is.  This puts even the most lavish of luxury hotels to shame.

The property sprawls along the easternmost stretch of Long Island, a favorite of the financial elite.  It goes by the name of “Sandcastle”, and is an 11.5-acre estate boasting a 31,000 square foot main house with 11.5 bathrooms (because no one likes to share), a guesthouse, pool, bowling alley, tennis courts, private movie theatre, and a half pipe.  Not sure why a half pipe, but I feel it would please Tony Hawk or the cast of “Jackass”.

Well, I certainly hope the anonymous family (or small country) enjoys their $35,000 per day stay at the luxurious Sandcastle, and if anyone is interested, it is owned by New York’s Corcoran Group and is currently on the market for $49.5 million.

I wonder if they arrived in a fleet of Bentley rentals, or perhaps the more understated group of black Escalade rentals.  I really want to know who this anonymous family is!  Any help, fans and readers?

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