The Most Expensive: How Much for a Famous Aston Martin DB5?

1964 Aston Martin DB5 Luxury CarWhile pretty much all Aston Martin models generate attention, some get a little more.  Like the 1964 Aston Martin DB5, one of two DB5’s driven by the legendary 007 Sean Connery in the hit “Goldfinger”.  The other DB5 is believed to have been destroyed following its 1997 theft, making this one top dog.  It has had the same owner since 1969, and is about to hit the auction block on October 27th, 2010!

This particular Aston Martin DB5 was purchased by Jerry Lee in 1969 for the sum of $12,000, after it had made appearances in “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”, and went on tour for the 007 promotional campaigns. Did I mention it has twin machine guns mounted behind the front turn signals?  Remnants of its badass history!

And in just a few months, it could be yours.  I am wondering what the appreciation value of a famous luxury car is from that $12,000 in 1969?  Any guesses from my readers?  Due to the history and exclusive nature of the luxury model, I am going to guestimate that it will fetch $4-$12 million when it hits the auction block.   The actual sale will be interesting!

The 1964 DB5 Aston Martin boasts an awesome ejector seat, but like the machine guns, it is just for looks, not functional.  And in case you are feeling like James Bond and get into a high-speed chase, you can use your revolving number plates.

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