Most Expensive: New Mega Yacht ‘Eclipse’ Lives Up to Her Name

It is said to be the current largest private yacht in existence, and she is near completion.  Her name is ‘Eclipse’, and she certainly seems to eclipse all other mega yacht favorites.  But does size really matter?  For a rumored $1.2 billion, it may!  You be the judge, she emerges from Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany any moment.

It seems that the world’s mega yacht owners are in a never-ending battle to outdo one another, perpetually ordering larger and more lavish yachts.  I will say one thing, it does make for a wonderful form of entertainment for the rest of the world, and I love seeing what mega yacht is coming out next and what its outstanding features are!

Yes, the international luxury yacht charter community is aflame with chatter about EclipsMega Yacht Eclipse Leakede, even as some jealous noses turn up and complexions turn various tints of green.  So let’s go over her specs, and see if she is indeed a bit on the ostentatious side.

Eclipse mega yacht belongs to Roman Abramovich, oil magnate and 11th wealthiest man in the world, according to Forbes.

Eclipse sprawls to nearly 607 feet in length, dwarfing 273-foot favorite luxury motor yacht O’mega.  It features a submarine that doubles as an escape pod, a military-grade missile defense system, bullet-proof windows and armor plating around the master suite…have a few enemies out there Abramovich, or just a safety guy?


The illustrious Abramovich owns four other luxury motor yachts:

•    Pelorus 377 feet long
•    Le Grand Bleu 370 feet long
•    Sussurro 161 feet long
•    Ecstasea 282 feet long

Forget how much it cost to purchase all of these luxury yachts, how much does it cost to maintain this fleet?  Estimates for yacht overhead are around $22 million per year for all four, and that does not include the mammoth new Eclipse.  It is approximately $109,000 just to fill Pelorus with fuel.  Hiccup.  I wonder what would happen if I asked him for some gas money.

For all that luxury he better have an exotic rental car, Ferrari F430 spider or the like onboard!

Of course one can’t have nice things without the chatter, and rumors are spilling out that Eclipse was actually ordered to compete with the current largest mega yacht in the world, a 525-footer owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of luxurious Dubai.  What do you think?  I think it looks like a destroyer.  An awesome destroyer.



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