Most Expensive Pizza in the World

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago would like to assume they know a thing or two about good pizza.  Chicago does have a decent reputation for making a mean pizza, no matter how much New Yorkers refuse to admit the fact.  I think Chicago and New York will both gladly take a back seat when the Luis X111 from Italy is thrown into the hat for best pizza argument. 

This masterpiece of a pizza is constructed by Chef Renato Viola and does not come cheap.  Chef Viola, who resides in Salerno, Italy, is apparently not trying to sell pizza by the slice anytime soon.  This 8-inch pizza, extremely small by U.S. standards, will run you $12,000.  Yep, that is $12,000 for 8 inches of cheese and dough.  Well actually it will be 8 inches of cheese, three types of caviar, lobster, salt, and your own personal team of chefs to prepare it.  I am sure you were also wondering what kind of salt Chef Viola uses.  He will coat each pie with pink salt from Australia’s Murray River.  Each grain will also be hand picked to ensure maximum flavor.  

So sit down Chicago and New York, our pizzas won’t hold a candle to Chef Viola’s culinary creation.  Personally, I think we will stick to our deep-dish pizza and be content.  However, for those looking for pursue the ultimate in luxury, stop by next time you are in Agropoli and grab a pie from Chef Viola.  Make sure to call ahead though because he rolls the dough out 72 hours in advance so it has plenty of time to rest.  Book your flight to Italy today on our luxury aircraft charters, I think we are going to stick to our exotic rental car business in Chicago in the meantime. When you do finally make it to Italy to grab a piece of this expensive pie make sure you drive to Chef Renato Viola and do it in a Ferrari rental car.  A $12,000 pizza deserves to be picked up in ultimate luxury and style.