The Most Powerful Ferrari Ever?

Ferrari is feeling the pressure from the award-winning Lamborghini Aventador, unleashing what it calls “The most powerful Ferrari ever”…but is it? The exotic car rumor mill is ablaze that this could be the Ferrari F620 GT, the replacement for the Ferrari 599. We will all find out exactly what they are hinting at on February 29th, 2012, when the car is officially unveiled!

The automaker announced this news with a teaser video (see video above) intended to peak interest and generate excitement for the new supercar.

How many prancing horses will this mystery model produce? What new technology and engine will lurk beneath the hood? Will it look like a traditional Ferrari? All of this remains to be seen, but if it comes from Ferrari, you know it will be incredible!

Ferrari FF hatchback

Ferrari FF hatchback

If the new Ferrari has 700 horses or more, it would make it the most powerful road-going member of the family. The Ferrari FF hatchback boasts 651 horses, so I assume the next is going to offer more. The Ferrari F620 GT is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show, which starts March 8th, so it is quite curious that this new car is making such an entrance in a few days.

Ferrari California rental in New York

Ferrari California rental

We are holding our breath to see what Ferrari has in store on the 29th! Don’t miss our fleet of Ferrari rentals in Miami, New York, Chicago and LA on your way out!




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