Epic Date Night: Navigate Chicago From Above

Epic Date Night in Chicago

Next time your going to hit the town with your significant other, get ahold of BlueSky Taxi and make sure they are the ones who pick you up.  Don’t look for a yellow car with a light on top though.  BlueSky is going to need you to meet them at the airport closest to your house, and that is where the fun will begin. Just call Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals and we will arrange for you to be picked in one of our Chicago chauffeured vehicles or have one of our cars from our fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars sitting out front waiting to take you to your hangar. 

Chicago Skyline

BlueSky uses Cirrus SR22-G3 planes to escort their fortunate passengers around the city on private tours.  As long as there are no flight regulations that get in the way, you can personally tell your pilot which way to go.  Make sure to make some arrangements to have that special bottle of wine or champagne waiting too. 


Cirrus 22

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago is anxious to take a ride on BlueSky, and you can be damn sure we will arrive in style to the airport with one of our exotic rental cars.  You might as well get behind the wheel of one too, it would be rude to make your date ride in anything less. 


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