New Apple iPhone 4 Generates Static Around the World

New Apple iPhone 4As every tech geek and gadget stalker is well aware of, the new iPhone 4 came out yesterday, which means there were likely a lot of sick days called in.  Yes, drones of Apple lovers (and I am not referring to Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter) endured the sweltering heat in many parts of the country today, waiting in lines that wrapped neatly around city blocks.

Hundreds waited outside of Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York hoping to wrap their paws around the iPhone 4, in all it’s technological glory.  I feel that some people would stand in line without food, water or encouragement for an iPhone, but wonder if they would do the same for a shiny new Ferrari F430 Spider or other luxury rental car

You see, some just do not understand the appeal (or obsession, depending on who you ask) that Apple has created with its infamous iPhone.  It is like the “Fellowship of the Ring”…only it is the "Fellowship of the Phone".  One phone to rule them all…ok, I am done.

Reports from around the world, including LA, Japan and Chicago are stating that the iPhone 4 is selling oLord of the Ringsut more rapidly than the original iPhone and the 3GS.  Apple stated that it received more than 600,000 orders for the new iPhone, which is more than any previous iPhone model.  Eat your heart out smart phone competitors, it would certainly seem that Apple has got this one on lock…or on hold…however you see it.

New features of the Apple iPhone 4 include live video chat ability, with a crystal clear image.  I wonder if this will increase the amount of calls people make, as it will be interactive rather than just a voice droning on the other end?  Because I feel like most people prefer to text or instant message, avoiding calling with their phones altogether whenever possible.  What do you think?

It also has speedier circuitry, a higher resolution display and extended battery life.  Did any of you wait in line for the new iPhone?  If so, where at and for how long?  Was it worth it?  Leave your feedback below!




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