New Luxury Car Brand Emerging?

There is an unabashedly ambitious new luxury car brand emerging, called Eterniti Motors. Eterniti Motors is funded by a group of international investors, independent of any OEM, and has released its first…uhm…sketch. This is a bizarre exotic car story, indeed!

Eterniti Motors

So far, this is the only available rendering for the mysterious Eterniti Motors super SUV.

Eterniti has been busy playing with the press, announcing teasers like “A new luxury brand is coming”, likely to draw attention to themselves early in the game. That is my theory at the moment, because the brand does not have an actual product, i.e. luxury vehicle, to sell yet!

The new luxury car company currently has a sketch, which they claim will “create a new niche above the most luxurious SUV currently available”. That is a lofty goal, but they have eternity to try!

Creating and producing a new luxury car from the ground up is arduous and murder on a bank account, but these lads seem up to the challenge. We all know how rare it is for a concept car to reach production, and when it does it is only a former ounce of its awesome renderings after reality takes the wheel.

Eterniti is aiming for the copious Asian markets and says deliveries will begin next year. Wait…so deliveries are already tentatively scheduled for a luxury SUV that does not yet exist? Is this an alternate parallel auto universe?
What would happen if this company actually received some orders, never made a vehicle and disappeared into thin air? It would be the most outlandish scheme I’ve ever heard of! It seems similar to investing in a condo unit prior to construction (pre-construction), you never know exactly what you will get in the end.

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