New Year’s Eve 2009 Miami Style

New Years Miami FloridaIt is New Year’s Eve, and everyone knows Miami is the hottest spot to bring in the New Year, especially star-studded South Beach!  Yes, celebrities and self-proclaimed stars alike flock to this exotic city by the sea annually to celebrate what lies ahead.

We have mentioned previously that Lady Gaga will be performing tonight at Fontainebleau, and that the popular Kid Cudi will be showing off at the W Hotel South Beach with a musical interlude by John Legend.   These are two of the top luxury South Beach hotels and sought after shows, and tickets were reflective of that. 

What’s not to love about South Beach?  There is certainly no shortage of haute couture, themed and upscale restaurants, luxury hotels, posh nightclubs, entertainment or beach activities-now couple that with the fact that you are guaranteed to spy either a celebrity or an exotic rental car, quite possibly both just strolling along the manicured streets and boutiques. 

Will Smith and numerous others have given Miami and South Beach honorable mention in the spectrum of the lavish and repeatable, so why wait?  Make Miami a must for your 2009 New Year’s Eve experience.  But if you are coming our way, know that only the best accommodations, fashion, and exotic rental car will do to complete your experience!  Happy New Year to all of our devoted fans from us at Imagine Lifestyles cheers!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals