Next Gen Maserati Quattroporte Shows Off Interior for the First Time

While Maserati always manages to keep up appearances on the exterior, the interior has been left wanting as of late! Enter the next gen Maserati Quattroporte with a brand-spanking-new interior cabin for the first time in…eons! This is a truly awful photo, but it is all we have until more leak out and this topic needs to be addressed.

2013 Maserati Quattroporte

The photo is on the blurry side, but it is better than nothing! If you find a better quality example, please share!

The problem for Maserati interiors has never been with materials and craftsmanship, but rather, design. With the plethora of exotic supercars sporting top-notch designer interiors, it is refreshing to see that Maserati has changed gears and headed in a new direction!

What is new inside the next Quattroporte:
• Oversized touch screen infotainment system to sweep it into this century
• Visibly striking materials
• Fine leather steering wheel

The ball appears to have been dropped in just one sector…the automated gearbox selector is on a central tunnel and looks like a dinosaur. Even the Jaguar is merging into modernism, with a motorized rising rotary knob.

2013 Maserati Quattroporte

They are saying that the interior of the next-gen Maserati looks very much like that of the Dodge Charger.

In the past, really fast cars simply lacked interior amenities by design because they add weight. Extra weight is a definite no-no when the ultimate goal is sheer speed and aggressive power, yet most luxury brands have adopted a sense of interior style over the years. Overall, customers feel that dropping $200,000+ on an exotic ride merits some leather and a cup-holder.

Maserati Quattroporte

Potential 2014 rendering

The tragic lighting conditions prevent all-out exploration of the new digs, but better quality photos are certain to emerge soon enough!


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