The Nimrod Tuned Ferrari La458: Because You Can’t Have a LaFerrari

One of the vehicles turning heads at the Geneva show this year was the Nimrod tuned Ferrari 458 Katyusha concept. I say turning heads, but that does not necessarily indicate that it was in a positive fashion. Unofficially dubbed the Ferrari La458 by automotive bloggers, it has become an object of hilarious ridicule and for good reason.
Get a 360 view of the Nimrod La458 in the short clip above. The rear angle is the most tragic. 

When it comes to aftermarket tuners, there are precious few in possession of worthwhile talent and many with wild imaginations and no real skillset. The Ferrari La458 is a testament to that theory. Let us examine the bare bones of this project:

The Nimrod tuned Ferrari 458 Katyusha concept at a glance:

  • A Ferrari 458 was victim to this.
  • There are no actual performance upgrades.
  • It clearly wants to be a LaFerrari.
  • These guys were also responsible for the Avanti Rosso concept. For this endeavor, they seem to have fantasized about what the bastard offspring of a 458 and a LaFerrari might or might not look like.
  • The end result is that we now know what that offspring sounds like: The painful objections of automotive fans worldwide.

Nimrod AventadorBehold the Nimrod Aventador Avanti Rosso concept. This one is pretty awesome–it is a playful take on the aggressive Lamborghini Aventador with rather lovely traces of red and carbon fiber.

Overall, the poor Nimrods were likely all amped up to share their wares with the masses at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and not prepared for such a negative onslaught. It would be fascinating for Ferrari to let us in on how they feel about the concepts! And by fascinating I mean utter hilarity, to be clear.

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