Not Again! Another Supercar is Painted Pink

As if it were not horrific enough that Paris Hilton’s Bentley is a spine-tingling shade of bubble gum, now Katie Price (aka Jordan or Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield, she has more names than Puffy) is planning to splash her $1 million dollar Bugatti Veyron with pink! The horror, the pain.

Katie Price Pink Bugatti

I would say we could add it to our Top 10 Ugliest Cars in Recent History collection…but it is a Bugatti.

Can someone explain to these women they are not in their teens or even twenties any longer? A pink automobile is like blue hair…it just does not work…for anyone…ever. And I am a girl.

Katie Perry loves pink

Katie Perry sporting her signature hue

Paris Hilton loves pink

…a trend that is far from unique. Paris even blasted the interior of her Bentley with pink, and often dresses to match it. It is like halloween every day!

The Barbie pink Bugatti paint job will cost an estimated $40,000 on top of the million, as the car is currently red. Perry seems to have a thing for pink, with a pink Range Rover, pink VW Beetle, scooter and horsebox already in her collection.

Paris Hilton Pink Bentley

The Paris pink Bentley, in all of its horror!

Price took to Twitter to show off her latest gadget by posting a photo of her standing by the Bugatti sports car – while it is still red (below).  Next to the image she wrote: “Getting this Bugatti and he is doing it in pink. Can’t wait!”
Neither can my eyeballs, Katie. Don’t miss our fleet of exotic rental cars and more on your way out!

Katie Perry Bugatti

Katie Perry’s soon to be pink Bugatti via Twitter

Paris Hilton Bentley damage

The only time I ever smiled while viewing Hilton’s less than hot rod whas when this happened…someone backed into it! I should really be nicer.




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