One of the More Expensive Homes on Miami Beach for Sale.

The good life in Miami Beach is just a sale away because one of the most expensive homes in Miami is on sale. The luxurious pad was designed by Maurice Fatio and sits on the exclusive Sunset Island 1. There are four Sunset Islands which are located in the heart of Miami Beach. This specific home sits on the tip of the first, northernmost of all the islands which is one of the best locations to be. The lot is 70,886 square feet, with 453 linear feet of land on Biscayne Bay. The home itself  is 11,388 square feet and is listed for $29,900,750. That price tag includes 7 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, Olympic size pool and the expansive tropical grounds. This property which is named La Tranquilla, not Tequila, sold in June 2000, for $8,425,000. Less than two months later, the property was listed again, for $11,500,000 and the price was raised once more before the listing was cancelled. Now the property is one of the most expensive in Miami Beach, something doesn’t add up. The home is nice and all but not $29 million nice, maybe the listing is a mistake. Maybe somebody involved needs to fix or re-think the listing price if they actually intend to sell.