Owner of $30 Million Dollar Bugatti Warns About Current Luxury Car Market

Peter Mullin is a 71-year-old luxury car collector who is warning buyers of the current market for the hobby. Mullin happens to own a $30 (perhaps $40!) million dollar Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, and warns people to “Think twice before you invest in a classic car”.

Peter Mullin Bugatti

Peter Mullin


Mullin continued,
"Non-car people shouldn’t buy thinking this a good place to park their money. The odds of choosing the wrong thing or a fake are real high. You should buy a car because you love it. If you’ve bought something good and they didn’t make 30,000 of them, it probably will go up in value. But that’s not a good enough reason in itself for the purchase."

Mullins seems to demonstrate rise reasoning, and we at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals often explain why it is cheaper to rent an exotic car than to buy one (see Luxury Car Rental Vs. Purchase a Luxury Car). There is far more financial commitment involved in exotic car ownership than the initial purchase price, which is often hard to swallow. After buying a supercar, owners must pay for adequate storage, insurance, maintenance and other very expensive responsibilities that can be avoided with the occasional luxury rental car.

Peter Mullin Bugatti

If you are considering buying an exotic car, contact Imagine Lifestyles first and experiment with our fleet of luxury rental cars, including the latest models from the top brands. You may decided to put the brakes on the undue responsibility while still getting exactly what you want!



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