Paris Hilton Buys Red Ferrari California on Black Friday

While many scoured the frantic hordes of Black Friday shoppers in search of a steal and a deal, celebutante Paris Hilton swiped a red-hot 2012 Ferrari California for the bargain price of $300,000 ish. Is this a comeback from the Nicky Minaj Pink Bentley disaster? Rent our Ferrari California in Miami or a city near you and feel like a celeb for a day!

Paris Hilton in 2012 Ferrari California

Paris Hilton in 2012 Ferrari California

Paris confirmed the purchase via Twitter:

"Just drove my new car for the first time! Such a beautiful car and so much fun to drive! I love it! #YES! I ♡ Fast Cars!"

Paris Hilton Blue Bentley

Paris Hilton gets matchy in her blue Bentley

Paris has been quite busy this year, traveling to 12 different countries to open her stores and owning her own MotoGP racing team. Recently, her MotoGP team snagged the world championship, so why not celebrate with a fabulous Ferrari?
Paris also drives:
•    The infamous Pink Bentley
•    A blue Bentley
•    Range Rover
•    Hybrid Cadillac Escalade
•    Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA surprised me a bit because it is not a brand I thought the heiress would be either familiar with or interested in! It is a really great car, and the first-ever attempt at a supercar by the brand (follow link for full story on Imagine Lifestyles test-driving the LFA in Homestead).

Paris Hilton Pink Bentley

I love all of the heiress Paris’s cars…with the above exception!





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