Performance & Design Build the Bentley GT

2010 Bentley Continental GT SupercarThe classic Bentley began its reign as a supercar by dominating Le Mans in the 1920s and 1930s, followed by the mold-breaking release of the Continental R-Type in the 1950s.  These successes were followed up with the revolutionary Bentley Continental GT that made its luxurious debut in 2003.

The Bentley GT has since undergone some tweaks and improvements, and continues to attract luxury car enthusiasts with its supercar performance, classic design cues, craftsmanship and everyday usability.  Many exotic and luxury rental cars are not intended for daily use, but the Bentley GT is fine for it.  In fact, unlike say a Ferrari or Lamborghini, a Bentley GT is suitable for long distance driving.  This is a unique capacity for a supercar!  This GT competes with the elegance and performance of a Mercedes, and may even be a bit more attractive.  Sorry Mercedes, we still love you, too, but did you scope the rear end on that Bentley? 

According to Bentley, the new GT is the evolution of a revolution, combining the winning Grand Touring formula with sleek, crisp lines and a dynamic shape.  Maintaining an aesthetic appearance that is constant yet improved over time is important, because companies do not want to deviate too far away from the look and feel of the brand.  Bentley has always successfully produced luxury cars that are modern, while still obviously a Bentley, no small task!  I find the body style almost enrapturing, and would like one in my garage, please…cream with red interior.  But what about power?

This Bentley boasts a 6.0-liter W12 engine producing 552 horsepower for the base coupe model, and 600 horsepower for the speed coupe.  The speed coupe Bentley GT has the same engine, but is a touch lighter, and that seems to be the only difference.  Both the base and the speed coupe models get 10 city/17 highway in the fuel consumption department.

The interior design of the new GT Bentley boasts rich materials and class, with all the expected technology and modern amenities to enhance the ride.   The navigation system is amazing, and with a long-distance supercar, you may actually use it!  So, this new Bentley certainly seems to have the entire package, looks and purpose.  The new Continental GT Bentley has recently taken the media by storm, and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel ourselves, it could be the next member of our fleet of Bentley rentals Miami!




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