Pink Bentley Sale to Benefit Breast Cancer Research

In a sale that may attract Paris Hilton, a special “Passion Pink” Bentley Continental GT is being sold to benefit “Susan G. Komen for the Cure". Wait…Paris already has a custom pink Bentley…and Katie Price a pink Bugatti. Stop the insanity, celebutantes!

Paris Hilton pink bentley

Paris, bad girl! No, no, no! *Slaps hand. She could be so hot (and perhaps even classy) if she could just shed some of her Idiosyncrasies …sigh. What may be befitting of a sexy young tween is simply not suitable for a 30-year-old woman.

When I hear about or see a pink vehicle, I generally avert my eyes and dab the blood away, but a chunk of the $250,000 sale will benefit breast cancer research, so this one is acceptable. Paris Hilton’s decision to alter a perfectly good Bentley into a bubble gum nightmare, however, is not acceptable. Ever.

PInk Bentley for Breast Cancer Research

The pink Bentley is being billed as a one-of-a-kind and will be sold outright rather than hitting a luxury car auction. Symbolic Motors of San Diego will line the street outside of the W Hotel with Bentleys for the luxury event, which is pretty awesome of them! The W Hotel will, in turn, serve pink cocktails and roll out a pink carpet.

Overall, I am chalking it up as a questionable hue for a good cause. I wonder if whomever buys the luxury sedan will leave it in its present state or perhaps invest in an additional custom paint job.

Katie Price pink Bugatti

The red Bugatti before Katie Price got ahold of it…it is now pink

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