British Policeman Shows Up to Work in Ferrari, Gets Busted

When people are obtaining money illegally, the smart types tend to keep it on the down low as much as possible. There are plenty of dumb criminals out there that show off too much and get snagged, but when police do it, it becomes more newsworthy and memorable. Recently, British policeman Osman Iqbal rolled up to work in a Ferrari, which was a very large red metal flag that something was up. It was not a police Ferrari patrol car, but a personal vehicle that he clearly could not afford on his salary.

police ferrariTalk about a red flag! The policeman’s $260,000 Ferrari spelled out trouble and the department stepped in. 

As the population is aware, the average law enforcement salary is not quite on the level required to purchase and maintain an exotic sports car like a Ferrari. There are special circumstances, like winning a prize, renting a Ferrari, inheriting money or the like that could lead to such a perk–but none of the above checked out for the officer. The investigation revealed that Iqbal was running a bit of a brothel as a side job, and he was sentenced to seven years in prison.

police ferrariHow smart is it for a local law enforcement officer to pull up to work in a flashy Ferrari while trying to hide illegal doings on the side? Perhaps he should have joined a force with police supercar units. 

Iqbal admitted to the following charges: Conspiracy to run a brothel, conspiracy to launder money and possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply. Going to lockdown with those you locked up? Ouch. It would be interesting to get a longer statement from the officer detailing what he thought would come to pass by showing up to work in such a flashy exotic ride. It almost seems that the man wanted to get caught, like thug life became too much for the poor chap or perhaps he grew tired of taking the trolley and pulling over all the lorrys..

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