Pope Gears Up For Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Popemobile Arrival

Pope Luxury Cars

Pope Benedict XVI is not quite as popular as his predecessor, but the arrival of his new Mercedes-Benz  luxury hybrid popemobile may help the cause!  Yes, the Pope is gearing up for the latest edition to his fleet, a sleek hybrid Mercedes luxury car!

This is right up there in awesomeness with the Pope’s Ducati preference!  But wait… it takes more than exotic cars and motorbikes to win popularity? What does one have to do to prove their papal position!

Pope Ducati Multistrada

The Pope’s motorcade is flanked by Ducati Multistrada luxury motorcycles

According to Pope-ular sources, the Pope originally desired a fully electric Mercedes.  In the end, a hybrid Mercedes was the winner due to concerns regarding safety.  Electric-only vehicles only have the capacity to go so far, while hybrids have the option to run on standard fuel once the charge has depleted.


The Pope travels in style


A glimpse of the Pope grinning from his motorcade…likely at the Ducati motorcycles…at least that is what I want to think!

The Pope has settled on a hybrid powered by both an electric motor running on a lithium-ion battery during the low-speed parade travel and a petrol engine for situations that demand increased power.  While Mercedes cannot quite comment yet, rumors guess the new Popemobile shall be based on the M-Class line, with the standard security stuff like bulletproof glass and armor plating. 

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