Porsche 918 Spyder Crashes Private Party

It is quite common to bring a bottle of wine or perhaps some quality cheese to a shindig, so imagine the delight of partygoers when Porsche rolled out their party favor: a 918 Spyder concept! During a very private soiree at Canoe Studios in New York, the company unveiled the 918 RSR Spyder concept to an elite list of guests! Perhaps this little pretty will be joining our fleet of Porsche convertible rentals?

Porsche 918 concept

Porsche crashes party


This Porsche concept car is familiar yet fresh–and it is nice to see it with the wraps off out on the town! It appears road and production-ready, the photos leaving few questions about the direction of the finished product. The contrasts between the 918 RSR and 918 Spyder are slight, including the obvious top and exhaust pipes that channel air away from the cabin.

Porsche 918 concept

Smooth lines and bold features

If Porsche is serious about the colossal wing that has been seen fixed to the posterior of some 918s, it could confirm the existence of a racing package. They are not typically a company to wing it, but whatever works!

Porsche 918 concept

Spoiler alert

Porsche 918 concept


The 770-horsepower dream machine is poised for a September 2013 production run. No word just yet on how many examples shall be created. Stay tuned, we certainly will!

Porsche 918 concept

The concept car became the center of attentions and affections. Naturally.


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