Porsche to Flex Diesel Style in U.S.

Not too long ago, the word Porsche was synonymous with simply a sleek and relatively unchanged sports car. These days, the Cayenne SUV is one of the most popular models–and soon it will be available in diesel form!  Of course, Europeans have been enjoying the diesel version since 2009, but now the brand feels Americans will be more open to the technology. These are things that would have been nearly impossible to predict in the past, yet are shocking realities of the  present and possible Porsche future lineup.

Diesel Porsche Cayenne

Porsche’s Cayenne is the current best seller. Will it continue to roll out in diesel form?

The brilliant minds behind the scenes at Porsche have likely agonized over the diesel decision for months if not years. With many new countries adopting strict regulations, even luxury brands must make moves to improve fuel consumption and lower emissions.

That said, consumers lack complete confidence in most hybrid models, as they are relatively new and have a few bugs to clear out. When is the last time you saw a hybrid plug-in station on your way to work? No one is going to buy a car they cannot recharge conveniently. But diesel…well…perhaps Porsche is onto something to bridge the gap between standard gas and hybrid technology!

Diesel Porsche Cayenne

Is diesel fuel the current answer while consumers gain faith in hybrid technology?

There is another perk to this madness: the Cayenne diesel costs less. The hybrid Cayenne starts at $69,000, while the diesel sibling jumps off at $57,000. Not only is the price easier to swallow, the technology is familiar and safe to buyers.

Diesel Porsche Cayenne

According to some, the diesel version can make the haul from Los Angeles to New York, stopping just 3 times for fuel.

Diesel Porsche Cayenne

The popular Cayenne


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