Porsche Cayenne Headlights Go Out in Russia

The viral videos of the sometimes-rough life in Russia are sadly entertaining, but this new scam involving Porsche Cayenne headlights may be the most frustrating for drivers! Apparently, because the headlights in the Porsche Cayenne can be removed from the outside and easily–lazy thieves in Russia have been watching for a Cayenne, waiting for the driver to park and leave the vehicle, then simply removing the lights. But then it gets worse.

Porsche Cayenne headlightsThe Porsche Cayenne headlight thieves do not simply take their haul and sell it for money. They are much lazier than that! The thieves leave a note on the vehicle with instructions on where to wire the money for them, and then leave the lights nearby for the driver to pick up once they have been paid. This system of depositing ransoms into virtual currencies is quite popular in Russia. This sounds like a scam directly out of the series “Trailer Park Boys”…I am kind of surprised.

Porsche Cayenne headlightsThis is an all-too-common sight on the streets of Russia as the unsavory types have learned that the headlights can be removed externally. Sigh. 

So why would the driver just pay? They say most drivers simply pay out the ransom and retrieve their lights, because a new set is more than the price the thieves know to ask. Exactly how popular is the practice of kidnapping Porsche Cayenne headlights? See the sad photos below and ask yourself: Why did the drivers not learn from the mistakes of others? Because where is the fun in that!

Porsche Cayenne headlights

The Porsche headlight ordeal can be seen along any street in Russia. 

Porsche headlights seems to be keeping tabs on the goings on.Porsche Cayenne headlights

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