Porsche Design Tower in Miami Selling Out

While it would seem that beachfront property would have little trouble selling itself, marketers have been forced to become quite creative following the economic downturn years ago. The Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, Florida, is a shining beacon of that willingness to go further. The luxury design tower is already nearly sold out, because who wouldn’t want an elevator to deliver their car directly to their door?

Porsche Design TowerThe exclusive Porsche Design Tower is located in Sunny Isles, which is just a few blocks north of South Beach. Because South Florida is a preferred playground for the wealthy, what better place for the towers? Buyers are recognizing the luxury logo as a serious asset–especially with all of the added perks the Porsche residences have to offer.

Porsche Design TowerThe Porsche Design Tower at a glimpse:

  • Developed by Gil Dezer
  • Construction is set to end by early 2016
  • A majority of buyers purchased solely on the blue prints and animated videos
  • Over 90% of the 132 units are sold, with prices starting at $4 million and penthouses going for over $30 million.
  • It is shaped like a piston pushed into the sand on the beach, a glorious glass shrine reaching 60 stories into the skyline
  • No matter what floor, one of three elevators delivers the owner’s car up to their steel-reinforced personal garage. Bonus: The driver can just ride up in the driver’s seat, no need to exit until safely at home.
Porsche Design Tower Miami

Because the shoreline of South Florida is only so long, the Porsche Design Tower should become a valuable asset and continuously appreciate, with the strong Porsche branding serving to provide trust and unyielding standards.

Porsche Design TowerThe best asset by the sea? Perhaps.

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