Porsche Pops Up At Detroit Auto Show Once Again

Porsche Shines Bright in Return to Detroit

Having sat out the last few Detroit Auto Shows, Porsche’s return in 2011 led many to believe they had something up their sleeve.  Now that the show has come and gone, it is clear what they brought with them to Detroit was quite an automobile, having earned this years EyesOn Design Award from Best Concept Car.  I would like to take this car for a spin even if for day.  An exotic rental car company should buy this and rent it out.

Porsche 918

Porsche brought their latest creation, the 918 RSR to Detroit this year as a race car-hybrid concept car.  The 918 RSR is powered by a V-8 which generates right around 560 HP but that definitely isn’t what makes this car unique.  There are 2 electric motors located on the front tires as well with capture energy from braking and can add up to an extra 207 HP.  The energy from the braking is stored in a flywheel accumulator located right in the passenger seat.  When fully charged, the car will offer 8 full seconds of a power boost, which would seem to be quite an advantage on a racetrack.


Porsche 918

The only complaint heard at the Auto Show about the 918 RSR was that it was too pretty to be a racecar.  Race enthusiasts always claim that it’s not what the car looks like, but how fast it goes.  In this case, it seems Porsche has both.  Although we won’t have to option of renting out the 918 RSR for quite some time, you can still get behind the wheel of a Porsche this summer with a Porsche exotic rental car from Imagine Lifestyles Chicago.


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