You Will Drive that Porsche in Winter

Remember the Ferrari Winter Driving Programs? It seems that the Horse is not the only luxury carmaker to catch onto the need to instruct owners on how to properly operate their supercars in all weather conditions! Recently, a Porsche winter driving school has been offered at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, an excellent way for those living in the Midwest to get a grip on slick conditions!

Porsche winter driving school

Porsche’s snow swagger has enticed many to drive the sports cars in the slick stuff. I do not, however, feel that insurance adjusters share our excitement. 

The Porsche winter driving experience was comprised of roughly half Porsche owners and half enthusiasts. If you are thinking that driving a Porsche in the snow sounds crazy, instructor Cass Whitehead explains: “You can absolutely drive a sports car like a Porsche on the snow and ice. The car is the tool, you just have to know how to use it.” Whitehead added, “Driving a big SUV or truck just means you’ve got a bigger mass going in one direction.”

The clip above shows some action in the elements!

Whitehead could be onto something, considering the inflated egos of many exotic sports car owners will not permit them to admit that they may not know how to properly drive their machines. This is clearly the case, or there would not be such a dazzling array of supercar crashes occurring on the regular!

Porsche winter driving school

The bone-chilling temps and slippery winter road conditions became a platform to showcase the stability of the Porsche Panamera, Cayenne and 911 variants. The winter track for the course featured 18 holes of straights and bunkers coated with the cold winter elements.

Porsche winter driving program

The cars:

  • Porsche 911 S and 4S coupes
  • Porsche Panamera with ski rack
  • Porsche Cayenne diesels (these get an outstanding 30 miles per gallon!)
  • Each model arrived packing the Porsche Stability Management system, which does exactly what it says: it maintains stability by monitoring the direction, acceleration and velocity of the vehicle. The system will apply braking to restore stability.

Porsche winter driving program

Porsche offers similar winter driving schools annually in Finland, China, Italy and Switzerland, where Porsche dealers invite VIP customers to participate free of charge. Hey, membership has its privileges!

Porsche winter driving program

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