Porsche World Roadshow 2012

The Porsche World Roadshow is poised to lay rubber in 17 countries in 2012! This is an insane show packing 22 different Porsche vehicles performing various feats and doing a bit of the expected showing-out!

Porsche Road Show

Porsche cars lined up for the action


The luxury show started up at the Clark International Speedway in the Philippines, where some very lucky members of the press were permitted behind the wheel of some very outstanding machines! The last Porsche World Roadshow was held in 2006, so this is a rare treat, indeed!

Porsche models included in the roadshow lineup this year include:
•    911 Carreras
•    911 Targas
•    Panameras
•    Caymans
•    Boxsters
•    Cayennes
•    Models feature naturally aspirated petrol, turbo, diesel, S, GT3 and hybrid variants


The Porsche lineup was shipped in from Germany and seven professional driving instructors were on-hand to ensure that the event ran smoothly…in other words, to prevent epic exotic car crashes that would go viral online and cost a pretty penny! Five professional Porsche instructors were flown in from Germany and the remaining two were from the Philippines. If you end up attending this hot event, please fill your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals in on all the gritty details!

 Porsche World Roadshow



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