Each Porsche Sold Nets Bigger Profit for VW than Lamborghini

For those curious about which brands reap the most profit for the enormous being that is VW Group, it is not Lamborghini or Bentley. For every Porsche exotic sports car sold, VW nets a killer $23k profit. Not too shabby, eh?

PorscheThe news was revealed via Volkswagen Group’s 2013 financial report, showing that Porsche is enjoying an operating margin of a fat 18 percent. Close behind Porsche’s sales success was Bentley followed by Audi (which was combined with Lamborghini). This is all good news for the VW Group, which loses millions on each Bugatti Veyron sale. It was recently estimated that they lose approximately $6 million on each Veyron model sold. That certainly sounds painful considering that the Bugatti Veyron sells for $1 million and up. Now we can get a better grasp on why so many “Special edition Bugatti Veyron” models continue to be made and sold for astronomical amounts.

PorscheThe average profit margin in the luxury and exotic car sector these days are sitting at around 7%. Audi faces a market brimming with competitors at every angle, while Porsche and Bentley roll through relatively smooth waters in specialty boutique markets. Specialty markets leave the most room for profit, as the buyers are typically not concerned with costs and tend to spend substantial amounts of money on upgrades and special performance packages for their purchases. This is seen all over the Internet when a celebrity murders out a new SUV or when Paris Hilton opted to customize her Bentley in Pepto Bismol pink.

PorscheThe VW Group continues to accelerate production for new models and always seems to be just ahead of the curve with their offerings. They are reportedly poised to unleash 10 new models in the very near future, including offerings from Audi, Porsche and more. Can’t afford one this year? Just rent a Porsche or other exotic sports car from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals for the weekend!

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