Posh’s Birkin Bag is Better Than Yours

Miss Victoria Beckham is in fact Posh but if we had money like her then we would be posh too. Posh, who has intimate relationships with many high-end fashion houses, has such a ridiculous closet that there are no words to describe. Basically she has everything a girl could ever want but hubby footballer David Beckham managed to find one more luxury label to add to her epic closet. David gifted Victoria with a highly exclusive Birkin Himalayan bag, you know, just dripping in hundreds of diamonds. Hermes Birkin bags are a highly sought after status symbol and Victoria Beckham has a collection. However, her newest, sparkling silver Birkin is more important than all the others combined. The bag’s lock is adorned with a three carat diamond and there are only three Himalayan bags in existence. Posh now owns one of the three Birkin Himalayan bags for a reported $120,670. Guys like exotic cars and girls like exotic bags and David Beckham gets it. Most of the free world is probably reading this in shock right now, sadly for you this is just pocket change for the Beckhams. The waiting list for a Himalayan bag like Posh’s is over and done with. Those few ladies lucky enough to already be on Hermes exclusive waiting list will be waiting for four years, the rest of you can enjoy pictures of the bag that you will never own. Posh flashed her gifted diamond-Birkin Himalayan bag to husband David Beckham’s debut for professional football club AC Milan, held in Dubai recently.